Your Worst Habits Need To Be Reprogrammed!

You are the product of your thought! The great thing is if you are not happy with the product you can change it. You can train your thoughts! You have the power to choose what you think, you don’t have to be in bondage to negative, random, or unproductive thoughts. You were created to live a life that is governed by your spirit. The world around you should not decide what to think! This requires training and discipline because the untrained mind has more emotional rollercoasters than individuals that have focused and trained thoughts.

Your mind is like soil. It can’t decern what is being planted it will grow both weeds and crops. You have to determine the seeds! You have to remove the weeds! Your mind will grow any thoughts that you allow to be planted.

If you want to end the cycles and the unhappiness in life change your thinking. Just, stop focusing on what you don’t want! Focus on what you want! Your mind doesn’t know the difference between factual reality and imagined reality. If you focus on what you don’t want, your account will create yours don’t wish to seed.

If you want to change, focused on what you do want. Every day, spend time defining yourself as the person you want to be. If it is negative, then it is a weed. You were not created to be overweight, below-average, poor, uneducated, depressed, sick, weak, miserable, and unhappy. If you allow these thoughts to come into your mind, they become true.

Control the directions you give your brain. Stop Negative self-talk! Your words are a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you vocalize or meditate on negative thinking, you are programming your life. You are reinforcing your habits, you are empowering the weeds to grow.

If you would merely change your self-talk to positive reinforcement your life would change. Live Live-Be Unlimited-Become Legendary.

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Originally published at G & P Unltd. Urban Co.

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