I used to love Christmas. The lights, sounds, and festivities of holiday cheer. I always looked forward to the yearly traditions of cutting down a tree, baking cookies, and exchanging presents. For over 40 years, Christmas was a magical time of year full of memories of Black Santa Clause, Black Jesus, Donnie Hathaway, Temptations, Soul Foods, and family. This year, however, was entirely different, the truth of Christmas and its dark roots finally won over my love for this pagan and truly un-Christian holiday. I am not going to try to condemn anyone who celebrates Christmas, but I will attempt to give you the truth and hopefully, just like me, you will begin to look at this holiday different.

Keep the Christ in Christmas

Constantine Christmas

Who is Saturnalia

Politics and Religion

To the Messianic Believer

The Church Problem

Christmas To The African American

Let Me Keep It Simple

  • December 25 is not the birth of Christ
  • Christmas is a document and known pagan festival
  • God called Christmas or celebration of pagan festivals an abomination
  • Christmas hides the actual Festivals of different pagan gods.
  • God never told us to celebrate Christmas.

In conclusion
Being a follower of the Messiah is not easy. Not celebrating Christmas is not easy. The social misunderstanding is hard (lol people actually assume we don’t love Jesus) the family pressure is real (They think we have lost our minds). The reality is that we draw closer to Jesus the more we have to eliminate our worship and traditions of men. How much more we have to do to please him as we walk in truth.

While I was being challenged not to celebrate Christmas. I was confronted by these questions that I will ask you in closing.

  • If you can’t stand against a known pagan holiday how can you stand when society doesn’t want to follow Christ?
  • If you struggle with saying no to a holiday how do you handle other temptation that people can’t it see?

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